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We pride ourselves on our

If you're not satisfied, Were not done talking.  As our customer we value the fact that you chose Smuggler's Run Sauces and will do everything every time to assure you remain our customer

Thomas Wilson
American Small Business Owner

About doing Business....

We decided early on that we wanted to make unique and versatile sauces that offered the consumer true value, and great flavors. When we developed our award winning "Fire Island Pirate Hot Sauce", we blended herbs and spices, onion and garlic with a kickin' hot habanero pepper. We crafted a sauce that had an outstanding flavor but was not "stupid hot"
Smuggler's Run runs its business from the heart. Over the years we have given generously back to the community that we live in. Our efforts remain focused on the needs of youth.
We sent 500 bottles of hot sauce to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

"Giving back to our Community is not only a responsibility, it is part of doing business"
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